Vickie L. Weaver, “Judging Poetry”

Barbara Bradley Award, selected by Marjorie Thomsen
Winning Poet: Vickie L. Weaver, “Judging Poetry”


Judging Poetry

Each year I judge a poetry
contest on a certain theme.
Enamored, I’ve read and scribed
poetry since I was a child,
as confined as each story
within this metered form,
measuring the metaphors,
choosing roses over thorns.

My life’s had themes divergent,
from love and grief to joy and time.
So, who am I to set your confinement,
judge your imagery and rhyme,
contrast the old against the new,
and render fair, good or excellent?
Somewhere between now and then
you are me and I am you.


Vickie L. Weaver
Lifelong poet Vickie L. Weaver is a freelance writer/editor/journalist, blogger, and owner of Writestyle. Her rhyming picture book, My Child, I’ll Still Be Loving You, highlights the parent-child bond while her biography, Dancing in the Stars, entertains and inspires via dance, romance, history, Vaudeville and Hollywood. “Poetry forever!” she says.