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New England Poetry Club 2013 Contest Results

Golden Rose Award
Stephen Sandy

Erika Mumford Award
Judged by: Joyce Wilson
Winner: "Looking for Lorca" by Scott Ruescher
Honorable Mentions: "Other Americas" by Ellaraine Lockie
"Heart of the City" by Lawrence Kessenich
"Sustenance" by Suzanne Pearce
"In Iceland" by Geraldine Zetzel

Rosalie Boyle / Norma Farber Award
Judged by: Tomas O'Leary
Winner: "A Passenger" by Robert W. Crawford

Barbara Bradley Award
Judged by: Ellen Jane Powers
Co-winner: "At the U-Pick" by Midge Goldberg
Co-winner: "All Day the Fierce Wind" by Ingrid Wendt
Honorable Mentions: "Mint" by Vivian Shipley
"Violets" by Faye George
"Hot" by Mary Bonina
"The Door" by Susan Donnelly

Der-Hovanessian Translation Award
Judged by: Lloyd Schwartz
Winner: William Leo Coakley for Cavafy's "Let It Stay"

Firman Houghton Award
Judged by: Fred Marchant
Winner: "Where the Wind Falls" by Steven Lautermilch
Honorable Mentions: "What Matters" by Betty Buchsbaum
"Blue Ghazal" by Carolyne Wright

Gretchen Warren Award
Judged by: Michael Brown and Valerie Lawson
Winner: "Why the Fern Uncurls" by Sue Owen
Honorable Mention: "The Turnpike" by Daniel Tobin

Daniel Varoujan Award
Judged by: Aaron Poochigian
Winners: "Night Palace" by Laura Marris,
"Remembrance Day" by Kelly Pittman,
"Undone" by Nicole Sealey

Jean Pedrick Chapbook Award
Judged by: Mary Buchinger Bodwell
Co-winner: Lake Effect by Christina Cook
Co-winner: Underlife and Portico by Michael Lynch

Shelia Motton Book Award
Judged by: Vivian Shipley
Co-winner: Murder Ballad by Jane Springer
Co-winner: The View We're Granted by Peter Filkins
Honorable Mentions: The Glass Tree by Laura Davies Foley
Calendars of Fire by Lee Sharkey
The Rattling Window by Catherine Staples

 New England Poetry Club 2013 Student Prize Winners

The John Holmes Award
Winner: Adam M. Graaf

Ruth Berrien Fox Award
Ramzy Abu-Rubieh (Cambridge Rindge & Latin)
Isabel Andrews (Cambridge Rindge & Latin)
Alysha Barros (Cambridge Rindge & Latin)
Sarrana Jeanty (Cambridge Rindge & Latin)
Dora Kadish (Burlington High School)
Georgia McKee (Cambridge Rindge & Latin)
Yanerys Melendez-Ayala (Cambridge Rindge & Latin)
Catalina Nguyen (Cambridge Rindge & Latin)
Brian Policard (Cambridge Rindge & Latin)
Rockeem Robinson (Cambridge Rindge & Latin)
Carine Verlus (Cambridge Rindge & Latin)

Henry Wadsworth Longellow - Frank Buda Prizes
Abby Faas-Bush (Fayerweather Street School)
Evan Frankel (Cambridge Friends School)
Alice Jacob (King Open School)
Rishi S. Khanna (Graham & Parks School)
Tommy MacArthur (Shady Hill School)
Catarina Magalhaes (King Open School)
Mikael Reyes-Morales (King Open School)
Amar Scherzer (Shady Hill School)
Emily Stonestreet (Shady Hill School)
Jack Summersby (Shady Hill School)

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