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New England Poetry Club 2010 Contest Results

Golden Rose Award
Mark Strand

May Sarton Award
Winner: Sam Hamill

Erika Mumford Award
Judged by: Irene Koronas
Co-winner: Vivian Shipley for "Proud Flesh"
Co-winner: Kathleen Spivack for "Tivoli Garden, the Caretaker Takes Pity"

Rosalie Boyle / Norma Farber Award
Judged by: Dianne Robitaille
Winner: Catherine Staples for "Caravaggio's The Calling of St. Matthew"
Honorable Mention: Len Krisak for "Conceit"
Honorable Mention: Patricia Giragosian for "Isabella's Garden"

Barbara Bradley Award
Judged by: Victor Howes
Co-winner: Karina Borowicz for "Bone Flute"
Co-winner: Nancy Brady Cunningham for "Sapho to Atthis"
Honorable Mention: Vivian Shipley for "My Mother's Last Breath"

Der-Hovanessian Translation Award
Judged by: Svetlana and Harris Sussman
1st Place: "The Thaw"/Primo Levi/Italian translated by Harry Thomas
2nd Place: "Moses Jackson"/AE Houseman/Latin translated by Len Krisak
Honorable Mention: "When My Eyes Grown Dim"/Hebrew translated by Atar Hatari
Honorable Mention: "Reserved for Angels"/French translated by Philip Burnham

Firman Houghton Award
Judged by: Ellin Sarot
Winner: Susan Eisenberg for "Medical Bills"
Honorable Mention: Michael Cantor for "Watching Reruns"
Honorable Mention: Len Krisak for "Lyric"
Honorable Mention: Alice Friman for "The Gift"

Gretchen Warren Award
Judged by: Dolores Stewart Riccio
Co-winner: "Birthday Greetings VI: The Riverway" by Philip Burnham
Co-winner: "Eviction" by Nancy Brady Cuningham
Honorable Mention: "Ars Poetica on Lava" by Alice Friman
Honorable Mention: "Popular Music" by Kathleen Aguero
Honorable Mention: "temple holy water" by Nancy Brady Cunningham
Honorable Mention: "Mood Indigo" by Krikor Der Hohannesian

Daniel Varoujan Award
Judged by: F.D. Reeve
Winner: "1915, the Song Cut Short"
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Shelia Motton Book Award
Judged by: Ellen Jane Powers
Co-winner: Patricia Fargnoli for Then, Something
Co-winner: Dzvinia Orlowsky for Convertible Night, Flurry of Stones
Finalist: Teresa Cader for History of Hurricanes

The Jean Pedrick Chapbook Award
Judged by: Valerie Lawson and Michael Brown
Winner: Spring Melt by Katherine Bode-Lang
Honorable Mention: Rappelling Blue Light by Laura Rodley

 New England Poetry Club 2010 Student Prize Winners

The John Holmes Award:
Winner: Matthew Beacom, Southern Connecticut State University
Honorable Mentions: Ali Szubiak, Emerson
and Pat Mottola, University of Southern CT

Ruth Berrien Fox Award:
Co-Winner: Gabriella Fee for "Draught", from Walnut Hill School of the Arts,
Co-Winner: Andy Vo, for "The Persistence of Memory", Boston Latin
Honorable Mentions:
Haile Reeves, North Andover High School
Evan Campbell, Arlington High School
Brett Niedzwiecki, Monument High School
Marliyn Petrowski, Milton Academy

Henry Wadsworth Longellow - Frank Buda Prizes:
Second Grade winners: Eli Barlowe, Soli Martin-Abascal, Oliver Wolf

Third Grade winners: John Vernagliia, Zack Weiss, Jim Howe

Fifth Grade winners: Elleanor Stoddard, Sam Cabot, Zoe Goldstein

Sixth Grade winners: Caroline Ramos, Isaiah Pierre, Venus Montgomery, Joann Cassama, Margaret Entwistle, Winslow Ferris

Eigth Grade winner: Pearl Choi

Eigth Grade Honorable Mentions: Marianne Dionne, Fisher Gates

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