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New England Poetry Club 2009 Contest Results

Golden Rose Award
Charles Simic

May Sarton Award
Winners: Fred Marchant and Afaa Weaver

Erika Mumford Award
Judge by: Laura Stevenson
Winner: Sheila Murphy
Honorable Mention: Ben Berman for "Gallery Walk"

Rosalie Boyle / Norma Farber Award
Judged by: Victor Howes
Winners: Sarah Getty for "Pontoum: GlenCoe" and
Andrew Sofer for "Riddle"

Barbara Bradley Award
Judged by: Ellen Jane Powers
Winners: Dolores Hayden for "Agorophobe" and
Virginia Lee Hines for "Sixty Years On"

Der-Hovanessian Translation Award
Judged by: Elisavietta Ritchie
Winner: Len Krisak for "The Prodigal Son's Departure" by Rainer Maria Rilke

Firman Houghton Award
Judged by: Irene Koronas
Winners: Jim Tilley for "Binoculars" and
Richard Wollman for "Deer Isle"

Gretchen Warren Award
Judged by F.D. Reeve
Winner: Richard Hoffman for "Old Story"
Honorable Mention: Richard Hoffman for "Best Picture"

Daniel Varoujan Award
Judged by George Kalogeris
Winner: James K. Zimmerman for "Viejo de Oaxaca"
Runner-up: Hrag Varjabedian

Shelia Motton Book Award
Judged by Ellen Steinbaum
Winner: Richard Hoffman for Gold Star Road
Honorable Mentions: Wendy Mnookin, The Moon Makes Its Own Plea,
Dan Tobin, Second Things,
Baron Wormser, Scattered Chapters: new and selected poems

The Jean Pedrick Chapbook Award
Judged by: Helen Marie Casey
Winner: Anna Ross for Hawk Weather (Finishing Line Press)
Honorable Mention: Steven Lautermilch for Fire, Seed & Rain (Longleaf Press)

 New England Poetry Club 2009 Student Prize Winners

The John Holmes Award:
Judged by Diana Der-Hovanessian and Ed Cates
Co-Winner: Amy Marengo, UMass Boston for "Fireweed Patrol"
Co-Winner: Lee Keylock, Southern Conn. State U. for "Font"
Honorable Mention: Barbara Perez, UMass Boston

Ruth Berrien Fox Award:
Judged by Diana Der-Hovanessian and Ed Cates
Co-Winner: Katrina Rosenberg for "Red In the Hood", from Arlington High School,
Co-Winner: Michael Bartley for "Coriolis", Milton Academy
Honorable Mentions:
Celia Givens, Brookline High School
Erin McKissick, Arlington High School,
Esther Jun, Arligton High School,
Taylor Travers, Arligton High School,
Kathleen Lopes-Rafferty, Malden High School,
Caitlin Medalie, Needham High School,
Daniel Ackerman, Newton North,
Emily Fitzsimmons, Arlington High School,
Anna Glina, Arlington High School,
Chris Opire, Arlington High School,
Michael Saucier, Odyssey High School,
Evann Murphy, Odyssey High School.

Henry Wadsworth Longellow Prizes:
Judged by Diana Der-Hovanessian and Ed Cates
Winners: Ethan Grella (2nd Grade), Bella Alexis Cameron (2nd Grade),
Erin Thomas (2nd Grade), Sasha Tekeian (3rd Grade), Sultan Shaikh (3rd Grade),
Stephen Pierre (5th Grade), Hassan Woodard (5th Grade), Candace Greaves (6th Grade),
Collin (no last name) (6th Grade), Rachel Harkavy (6th Grade),
Deveon Anderson (6th Grade), Mo Nelson (6th Grade),
Sofia Engelman (6th Grade), Bianca Rivera (7th Grade)

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