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New England Poetry Club 2008 Contest Results

Golden Rose Award
Carolyn Forché

May Sarton Award
Maria Mazziotti Gillan and Rafael Campo

Erika Mumford Award
Judged by F.D. Reeve and Laura Stevenson
Winners: Alice Friman for "Machu Pichu",
Dolores Stewart for "A Retired Gentleman's Garden",
Richard Wollman for "Homeless"
Honorable Mentions: Shahe Mankerian for "The 17th Parallel in Beirut",
Ben Berman for "Learning Shona", Susan Thomas for "Empty Notebook in Venice",
Peter Filkins for "The Wile Boar", and
Patricia Brodie for "How My Brazilian Aunt Lived"

Rosalie Boyle / Norma Farber Award
Judged by Irene Koronas
Winners: Mary Ellen Geer for "How To Write A Sestina"
and John Perrault for "Speed"

Barbara Bradley Award
Judged by Victor Howes and Patiende Wales
Winner: Lory Bedikian for "Proposal"
Honorable Mentions: Vivian Shipley for "I have a Fourth of July Party"
and Dolores Stewart for "Changes of Heart"

Der-Hovanessian Translation Award
Judged by Marge Piercy
Winners: Douglas Basford for "So Overcome with pain" by Silvio D'Arzo
and Richard J. Fein for "Recognition" by Uri-Tsvi Greenberg
Honorable Mention: Herb Coursen for "Of Time To Come" by Jorge Borges

Firman Houghton Award
Judged by Fred Marchant
Winner: Kathleen Aguero for "Hard Work"
Second Place: Helen Marie Casey for "Botanical Garden"
Honorable Mentions: Michael David Jewell for "Reciprocity",
Richard Wollman for "Morning Songs", and Richard Fein for "Karakul".

Gretchen Warren Award
Judged by Ottone Riccio
Winners: Michael Cantor for "The Journalist"
and Patricia Giragosian for "The Shape of Water"
Honorable Mentions: Alice Friman for "Autobiography: The Short Version"
and Steve Lautermilch for "Loulan"

Daniel Varoujan Award
Judged by Khatchig Mouradian
Winner: George Kalogeris for "Emma"
Second Place: Shahe Mankerian

Shelia Motton Book Award
Judged by Harris and Svetlana Sussman
Winners: Bill Rasmovicz for The World in Place of Itself
and Jennifer Kwon Dobbs for Paper Pavillion
Second Place: Cathleen Calbert for Sleeping with a Famous Poet
Honorable Mentions: Donald Revell, Marilyn Jurich, and Moira Linehan

The Jean Pedrick Chapbook Award
Judged by Harris and Svetlana Sussman
Winner: Cheryl Loetscher for Unclaimed Baggage
Honorable Mention: Helen Marie Casey for Inconsiderate Madness

 New England Poetry Club 2008 Student Prize Winners

The John Holmes Award:
Judged by Lloyd Schwartz
Winner: Desiree Metta, UMass Boston

Ruth Berrien Fox Award:
Judged by Diana Der-Hovanessian
Winners: Adam Chow, Brookline High School,
Simon Cohen, Cambridge Rindge and Latin,
Marina Keegan, Buckingham, Browne and Nichols
Andrew Billingsely, Buckingham, Browne and Nichols
Honorable Mention: Elizabeth Wang

Henry Wadsworth Longellow Prizes:
Judged by Karen Carmean, Ed Cates, Diana Der-Hovanessian
Winners: Josette Beatrice, Manuel Bonder, Imogen Nelson,
Candace Greaves, Rey Benzan-Martinez, Rachael Harkavy,
Stephen Fulgoni, Anthony Rivera, Yoel Efrem, Isabella Mondon

Honorable Mentions: Jose Colon Guerrero, Tsega Tenzin,
Lazano Vazquez, Taylor Guiffre-Catalano

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