2017 Contest Results

2017 Contest Results:


Daniel Varoujan Prize, judged by Fanny Howe

Diana Woodcock, “Fire Raging, Questions Blazing”

Honorable mention to “A Chiromancy” by Hagop Merjian


Rosalie Boyle/Norma Farber Award, judged by Wendy Drexler


Alfred Nicol, “An Indelicate Proposal”

Jean L. Kreiling, “Finally Found It”

Honorable mention to “Fooling Around With Words” by Paula Bonnell


Gretchen Warren Award, judged by Donald Vincent


Leslie McGrath, “Encountering Franz Wright Along the Way”

Hilde Weisert, “Ars Poetica”


Erika Mumford Prize, judged by Moira Linehan

Suellen Wedmore, “The Iceman Cometh”


Barbara Bradley Award, judged by Marjorie Thomsen

Vickie Weaver, “Judging Poetry”

Honorable mention to “A Gift for My Seventieth Birthday” by Vivian Shipley


Firman Houghton Award, judged by Sam Cha

D.G. Geis, “Psalm 152 (Song of Ascent)”


Der-Hovanessian Prize, judged by Chloe Garcia-Roberts

Rhina P. Espaillat, translation of “Pair of Sonnets” by Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz

Honorable mention to Len Krisak, translation of lines from “Pharsalia” by Lucan

Honorable mention to Stephen Massimilla, translation of “The Hitlerian Spring” by Eugenio Montale


Sheila Margaret Motton Book Prize, judged by Jennifer Militello

Anna Rabinowitz, Words on the Street

Honorable mention to Jenny Molberg, Marvels of the Invisible

Honorable mention to Lynn Pedersen, The Nomenclature of Small Things


Jean Pedrick Chapbook Prize, judged by Sara Backer

Krysten Hill, How Her Spirit Got Out