New England Poetry Club


New England Poetry Club has always recognized the outstanding work of poets with its annual awards and contests. Some awards, such as The Golden Rose and the May Sarton Award, are given in recognition of career excellence, while others are run as contests.

2016 Contest Results

Gretchen Warren — judged by Dan Wuenschel
Winner: Moira Linehan, “From this Distance”
Honorable Mention: Susan Donnelly, “That Day”
Honorable Mention: Sandra Kohler, “Invisible Cities”

Daniel Varoujan — judged by Jenny Barber
Co-Winners: “Dispossessed,” Catherine Staples
“Place Value,” Susan Eisenberg

Barbara Bradley — judged by Jennifer Markell
Winner: “Saint Gauden’s Weathervane at Madison Square,” Catherine Staples

Norma Farber / Rosalie Boyle — judged by Michael Todd Steffen
Winner: “At A Performance Of Brahms,” Jean L. Kreiling
Honorable Mention: “Two Venuses,” Marybeth Rua-Larsen

Erika Mumford — judged by Ani Gjka
Winner: “Intermediate Arabic,” Michaela Coplen
Honorable Mention: “Samaritan’s Purse Is In Monrovia, Liberia,” Vivian Shipley, “Glanum, Provence,” Pam Bernard

Firman Houghton — judged by Ralph Pennel
Winner: “Sagrada Familia,” Jennifer Markell

Der Hovanessian — judged by Kathryn Hellerstein
Winner: “Sea,” translated by Nancy Cook
Honorable Mention: “Christmas Ghosts,” Philip Burnham; “In the Provinces IV”, translated by Stuart Jay Silverman

Sheila Margaret Motton Book Prize — judged by Charles Coe
Winner: The Dear Remote Nearness of You, Danielle Legros Georges
Honorable Mention:
One Hundred Hungers, Lauren Camp
A Camouflage of Specimens and Garments, Jennifer Militello

Jean Pedrick Chapbook Prize — judged by Kyle Potvin
Winner:  Best Man, by Owen Lewis
Honorable Mention: Not Even Close To What She Planned On, by Sandy Gingras

2015 Contest Results

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Rosalie Boyle/Norma Farber Award
Judge: Suzanne Pearce
Winner: Your Wedding Day, Robert Crawford

Gretchen Warren Award
Judge: Ellin Sarot
Winner: The Sea Here, Teaching Me, Moira Linehan
Honorable Mention: and today Proust paints distance, Mary Buchinger; Paper Town, Midge Goldberg

Daniel Varoujan Award
Judge: Diana DerHovanessian
Winner: Steve Lautermilch

Der-Hovanessian Prize
Judge: Krikor DerHohanessian
Winner: Komm Du, Stuart Jay Silverman

Erika Mumford Prize
Judge: Susan Donnelley
Winner: The Ugly American, Shara Lessley
Honorable Mention: Beneath An Irish Sky, Moira Linehan

Firman Houghton Award
Judge: Irene Koronos
Winner: Inside Story, Ellin Sarot

Barbara Bradley Award
Judge: Jane Attanucci
Winner: Blue Johnnies, Jennifer Markell

Jean Pedrick Chapbook Award
Judge: Mary Buchinger
Winner: Animals/Bodies, Lisa Couturier

Sheila Margaret Motton Book Prize
Judge: David Ellis
Winner:  Moonbook and Sunbook (Tupelo Press), by Willis Barnstone

2014 Contest Results

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Golden Rose Award
Jean Valentine

Rosalie Boyle/Norma Farber Award
Judge: Ellin Sarot
Winner: Calypso Calls on Penelope, by Robert Crawford
Honorable Mention: On Learning the Harvest Moon is an Optical Illusion, by Midge Goldberg
Villanelle Vows, by Neal Whitman
Healthcare Commuter, by Len Krisak

Der-Hovanessian Prize
Judge: Lloyd Schwarz
Winner: Little Street for Sex, Andrea Jurjevic translating Olja Savicevic Ivancevic
Honorable Mention: Don’t Turn Me Down, Douglas Basford translating Il Burchiello (Domenico di Giovanni)

Erika Mumford Prize
Judge: Richard Hoffman
Winner: For Nefertiti Negron, by Scott Ruescher
Honorable Mention: Finom, by Hilde Weisert
Hummingbird in the Hand of Tu Fu, by Steve Lautermilch

Firman Houghton Award
Judge: Tomas O’Leary
Co-Winner: Welcome, by Susan Eisenberg
Co-Winner: Wythe County in July, by Dolores Hayden

Barbara Bradley Award
Judge: Judith Kneen
Co-Winner: Lately, by Patricia Fargnoli
Co-Winner: Trilogy, by Jane Attanucci
Honorable Mention: This is How it is Now, by Catherine Staples

Jean Pedrick Chapbook Award
Judge: David Ellis
Co-Winner: Sound Travels on Water, by Kyle Potvin
Co-Winner: Living in the Counterpoint, by Michael T. Young

Sheila Margaret Motton Book Prize
Judge: Victor Howes
Co-Winner: Book Dog, by Cleopatra Matthis
Co-winner: Voices of King Phillip’s War, by Faye George