2016 Contest Results

Gretchen Warren Award– judged by Dan Wuenschel
Winner: Moira Linehan, “From this Distance”
Honorable Mention: Susan Donnelly, “That Day”
Honorable Mention: Sandra Kohler, “Invisible Cities”

Daniel Varoujan Award– judged by Jenny Barber
Co-Winners: “Dispossessed,” Catherine Staples
“Place Value,” Susan Eisenberg

Barbara Bradley Award– judged by Jennifer Markell
Winner: “Saint Gauden’s Weathervane at Madison Square,” Catherine Staples

Norma Farber / Rosalie Boyle Award — judged by Michael Todd Steffen
Winner: “At A Performance Of Brahms,” Jean L. Kreiling
Honorable Mention: “Two Venuses,” Marybeth Rua-Larsen

Erika Mumford Award– judged by Ani Gjka
Winner: “Intermediate Arabic,” Michaela Coplen
Honorable Mention: “Samaritan’s Purse Is In Monrovia, Liberia,” Vivian Shipley, “Glanum, Provence,” Pam Bernard

Firman Houghton Award– judged by Ralph Pennel
Winner: “Sagrada Familia,” Jennifer Markell

Der-Hovanessian Translation Award– judged by Kathryn Hellerstein
Winner: “Sea,” translated by Nancy Cook
Honorable Mention: “Christmas Ghosts,” Philip Burnham; “In the Provinces IV”, translated by Stuart Jay Silverman

Sheila Margaret Motton Prize — judged by Charles Coe
Winner: The Dear Remote Nearness of You Danielle Legros Georges
Honorable Mention:
One Hundred Hungers Lauren Camp
A Camouflage of Specimens and Garments, Jennifer Militello

Jean Pedrick Chapbook Prize — judged by Kyle Potvin
Winner:  Best Man by Owen Lewis
Honorable Mention: Not Even Close To What She Planned On by Sandy Gingras