The Oldest Poetry Reading Series in the Country






The NEW ENGLAND POETRY CLUB was founded in 1915 by Amy Lowell, Robert Frost and Conrad Aiken. The Club sponsors the oldest poetry reading series in the country.


Jean Valentine Winner of the 2014 NEPC Golden Rose Award

Stephen Sandy Winner of the 2013 NEPC Golden Rose Award

Naomi Shihab Nye Winner of the 2011 NEPC Golden Rose Award

Mark Strand Winner of the 2010 NEPC Golden Rose Award

Charles Simic Winner of the 2009 NEPC Golden Rose Award

Carolyn Forché Winner of the 2008 NEPC Golden Rose Award

NEPC Staff:
President: Diana Der-Hovanessian; Vice Presidents: Daniel Tobin, Sally Cragin; Treasurer: Anne James; Assistant Treasurer: Krikor Der Hohannesian; Pat Cosentino; Membership: Victor Howes; Programs: Fred Marchant, Ifeanyi Menkiti; Information: Teresa Iverson; Editor of WRIT and Web Admin: Ellen Jane Powers; Contest Coordinator: Audrey Kalajin; Database Administrator: Chuck Warner; Consulting Members: X.J. Kennedy, Helen Vendler, Rosanna Warren, and Derek Walcott.

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